Monday, March 7, 2011


blake and i went to austin this past weekend to scope some things out and left kingston at home with his marme. we got up "before the chickens" at 5 am on saturday to start our trip.  we looked at homes all morning long, lunched at torchy's tacos, and went back to look at more homes.  then we went to dinner at imperia in the warehouse district and met an old friend at annie's west.  i absolutely loved this time with blake.  of course a lot of the topics of conversation were about kingston and how awesome he is, but we also just got to talk. about nothing and about everything.  you see, we get into the daily grind and we get up, get ready, get king ready and fed, go to work...etc.   we come home and it's all about dinner and we get busy being busy and i'll be honest, i get lazy and maybe do not take the time to appreciate my husband as i should and vice versa.  and we don't get many date nights because we don't have family here close by and i don't have a babysitter, so we do everything as a family and we are fine with it.  we love our son more than words can say.  but, blake and i need to take more time for each other to reconnect sometimes.  and that's just what we did this weekend.  on the car ride home and after a very emotional realization that i had about something else, i just sat there with the biggest smile on my face thinking, how did i get so lucky?  i married an incredible man that happens to be my very best friend.  and he's amazing.  and handsome.  and a great father.  i am so lucky and very blessed. :)

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  1. Love this. I know the feeling. Sometimes I take for granted what a wonderful man I married. It's so easy to do when you get caught up in the day-to-day routines, but it's important to have time like you guys did here.