Wednesday, March 16, 2011

lincoln jet

6 days old
my new nephew, lincoln jet reyes entered the world on 3.7.11.  i just had to drive to houston to see him last weekend while he was still so new.   and oh, he is just beautiful.  head full of hair and pouty lips and almond eyes.  ahhh, and his smell!  i love that baby smell.  i seriously could just sit and smell his head for hours.  yes, i am totally smitten with my little lincoln jet.  his parents let me snap a few to remember these precious days.
so alert

  and one more...


  1. Seriously. Why aren't you doing photography professionally? These are gorgeous! Any new mother would give anything for this collection of images.

    1. honestly, i still feel as if i'm not ready. these days so many just buy a dslr and open up shop, i just want to make sure that i can offer the quality. i really do love it, though. thank you for the encouragement, Naomi.