Monday, February 25, 2013

just us

 so...for a whole week, it was just king and i. daddy had to go out of town to 2 different conferences so we held down the fort.'s still standing! ha! actually we are pretty used to this and i secretly cherish these times where it's just the two of us. do not get me wrong, i love it when we are all together-nothing beats that. but, when it's just kingston and i, it's special.  and because his 4th birthday fell into this week, my snuggles were a little tighter, we found a little more adventure, and somehow, when i didn't think it was possible, we bonded a little closer.  king is my most  favorite person to hang out with in the history of ever. i am so enjoying living life through his little eyes that are just full of wonder. what an awesome week it was! (let it be known that the feelings of triumph and happiness were balanced with exhaustion and dirty dishes. all worth it.)
target makes me happy too. we love thee. let us list the ways (items we'll be needing). best shopping partner ever right here.

and a few un-instagrammed iPhone shots from our week. 
reading to your class, adventure at a new park, bubble bath, and your last night as a 3 year old.

we will finish up kingston's 4th birthday celebrations this weekend! happy week to all! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

my happy places

sometimes photos create the illusion that lives are perfect and i think it's important to recognize that they are not.  take for instance, my instagram feed. (@angdoran79 if you IG too)  it's mostly full of my joys, prides, and loves. is it an accurate reflection of my life? yes and no. it is absolutely an outlet for me to find and share the happiness and joy in my life. that's the thing about me-i'm a glass half full kind of girl. always looking for the bright side, an optimist. my happy little feed does not tell you that my heart hurts so badly right now because of a situation that is out of my control. but it's there. or that i've been aching for a baby for the last 3 years...nah, it doesn't. my photography and my family are my happy places-where i go to escape life's sometimes ugly realities.  someone once told me "it's not what happens to you, but how you handle it." and while i am not always handling the things the right way, i try to always keep that in mind. and i have my share of crummy days but even on those days, i'm still looking for the beauty. life is just too short.
Feeding the ducks.  The geese were a little pushy and K wasn't really down with that. Also, Daddy got goosed. Ha!! 
gloomy morning turned fun
Lining up the shot with Daddy
a little after nap playtime 

Sunday, February 3, 2013


when did you get so big, kingston thomas? you are now almost 4 years old, and though it's been coming, it is so apparent lately that you are becoming a big boy. you moved up to pre-k a couple of weeks ago and shock me in the most delightful ways on a daily basis. sometimes i am so torn between being so, so very proud of you and a little sad that i cannot just freeze time for a while.  life with you is so much more than i ever imagined it would be. you and i, we go together like peanut butter and jelly-which is coincidentally one of your favorites.  

we stopped to take a few photos to document this little milestone. 

backyard picnic

you still love the bath. these days you love to make potions out of anything and everything. my little scientist.
soooo almost 4

it's been a while

ok so even though i have not been blogging, we are still very much here and living life.  check out kingston's 3rd year album here. i am currently working on the 4th year and will have it complete soon as well. these are a favorite of mine to make and i hope that someday he will cherish them as much as i do.