Sunday, February 3, 2013

it's been a while

ok so even though i have not been blogging, we are still very much here and living life.  check out kingston's 3rd year album here. i am currently working on the 4th year and will have it complete soon as well. these are a favorite of mine to make and i hope that someday he will cherish them as much as i do. 


  1. Oh, Angela! I adore that photo book. I loved seeing Kane and Angela make an appearance or two also. And getting Baxter for Christmas?! Unreal! So, tell me, is this an online "book" that you can then order, or is it only available to view if it's one you've purchased? I use Shutterfly for a lot, including their share sites, but never looked into the books.

    1. Thank you! And yes, I have it in hard copy as well- one for every year. :) You can just make it also and not buy it. They have made it easier with ready-made layouts and such but with these I like to have complete creative control so I make them from scratch and start with blank white pages. It takes me a while and I usually get behind and have marathon laptop sessions near his birthday. I looooooooove looking at them at home and Kingston is really starting to enjoy seeing them also and hearing the stories that go with the photos. I have a share site too-that i have not touched in months!!

  2. i love this! Such beautiful photos! Thanks for reminding me to work on ours!