Monday, May 9, 2011

feeling a little uninspired with my camera lately, but i seem to always have my phone.  i love my iPhone.  i will never go back to any other kind of phone after having this one for 2 years now.  part of the fun is all of the cool apps.  if you were to look on my phone, the camera apps would far outnumber the others.  that being said, one of my favorites is instagram.  it's just a fun app where you can take photos, add a filter to them if you like, and then share them to your personal feed, facebook, twitter, etc.  i'm always looking for new fun photo apps.  what are some of your favorites? along with instagram i've got best camera, camera+, shake it photo, hipstamatic, cross process, shutterfly, and photoshop.  here are some of my instagram snapshots. :)


  1. I love, love, love Instagram! You have some really great ones on there, Ang!

  2. I love that you also have an "Ode to Instagram" do a few others from IG whose blogs I've perused. So funny. Great minds, my dear. So, so glad we "met" there!

    1. i am SO glad we "met" there too, Naomi. and someday, we will meet in person. :)